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Tumor Diagnosis and Therapy


The first step in new tumors found in patients is to make a diagnosis.  In many cases, this requires taking a sample of the tumor.  We specialize in the least invasive way to procure a tiny specimen under imaging guidance, without knives or scars.  This applies to most tumors found in the breast, liver, thyroids, kidney, head/neck, and lymph nodes.  None of these procedures require hospitalization, long wait time, or increased hospital exposure to COVID-19.

Cancer treatments and cure

Our specialty allows us to treat and cure cancer without surgeries and hospitalizations.   We specialize in treating liver, kidney, spine, breast tumors with modalities of chemoembolization, microwave ablation, and cryo-ablation.  We work with premier oncologists and pathologists utilize us to place chemotherapy ports, drainage tubes, and biopsy needles.

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