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Minimally Invasive Treatment for Fibroids

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If you suffer from fibroids, there are options available for treatment besides surgery. A uterine fibroid refers to a mass that grows within the uterus. Almost all fibroids are benign,… Read More

Herbal Support for Female Hormones

Hormone Therapy

Every stage of a woman’s life, including her menstruation cycle, her childbearing years and the natural transition into menopause is designed to be evolutionary and changing. Growing, reproducing, maturing and… Read More

Are Varicose Veins Dangerous?

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Many cases of varicose veins are simply cosmetic. Treating them can increase your confidence when wearing your favorite shorts or shoes. However, some varicose veins can become itchy, uncomfortable or… Read More

4 Hysterectomy Alternatives for Uterine Fibroids

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Many of the hysterectomies performed every year are medically unnecessary when there are less drastic treatments for uterine fibroids available. With non- or less-invasive options recommended by the American College… Read More